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First thing is first, you recognize that you could use some help. Great start. SetPoint is here to make your life easier and do the work your team doesn’t have the time, capacity, or know-how to do. 

With many clients, our relationship begins with a communications audit. If that sounds intimidating, think of it as a checkup. SetPoint reviews your materials and interviews staff to determine what your organization does well and identify areas for improvement. From there, we work together to tailor a plan with services best aligned with your goals. We work within existing structures and budgets to provide technical assistance and coaching to develop skills, build sustainable internal practices and capacity, and craft a plan that works for you. Here are some ways we can help. 


Communications Audits: SetPoint will review your materials and systems to determine what your organization does well, areas for improvement, and opportunities to take things to the next level.

Message Development: SetPoint will research the latest messaging guidance for your industry, services, and issues. Together, we will create talking points, develop style guides, and establish systems to ensure your brand is consistent. 

Crisis Management: Things happen, and you need advice quickly. We are only a phone call away to help you craft a response, design a delivery plan, and train messengers to navigate a crisis.

Media Relations: SetPoint can prep spokespeople, find the right reporter for your story, write opinion pieces, and guide you through the process. Together, we can strategize timing and the best method to maximize exposure. 

Communications Management: Sometimes, organizations need communications support. SetPoint can help by designing a plan, finding spokespeople, working with the press, and providing general consulting. 

Coalitions and Movement Support: With extensive experience in coalitions, policymaking, and advocacy, SetPoint can tailor support for those new to the space and those who have years of experience. 

Training and Capacity Building: Not sure what to focus on with limited capacity? SetPoint can develop systems to make sure you are making the most of what you have. We provide one-on-one coaching to staff to ensure they have the skills they need or train larger groups, like your board. 

PR Campaigns: Navigating significant organizational changes, like new leadership or a capital campaign, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. SetPoint can ease the workload and help you craft a strategy to capitalize on these critical events.  

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